Growth Acceleration

Almost every business will plateau at some level of sales.  It’s a little like weight training, or losing weight.  We get to a point where we can lift a certain weight, but can’t seem to get the breakthrough.  Or we’ve dropped 5 of the 15 pounds but even if we starve ourselves the 6th pound just doesn’t seem to go away.

So it is with business.

There is this unseen “force” that seems to say, “You are a $10 million business”, or “You are a $30 million business.”

In my view, that’s a perfect situation for our services.


We start by trying to learn your business.  We take it apart, piece by piece.  Understand as much as we can and then start putting the pieces back together again.  All the time asking, “What’s wrong with this picture?  How can we make it better?  How can we double or triple the revenues of this business in the next 3-5 years?

One controller that we worked with recently said, “After meeting with me for 20 minutes and asking questions for 10 minutes, you had a better understanding of our business than our CEO.”  And for better or worse, she was right.

There’s a good reason we hire outside accountants and outside lawyers.  They have a perspective that’s not clouded by being inundated in a business day after day.

The same could be said for our services.  Our desire?   Take on long-term clients were we can help the CEO double or triple revenue in 3-5 years and then sell or recap the business and make everyone happy.