Lessons of the Italian Perspective

In the past six months we have had the great opportunity to travel outside the US three times – to the Dominican Republic, Belize and now, Italy. I’m writing this shortly after 1pm on our seventh day of this beautiful country – sitting outside with a mozzarella and tomato sandwich watching the people go about their daily business, which at this time of day principally means eating lunch.

Unlike the Dominican Republic, Belize and the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America, life in Italy is a different paradigm and it holds some valuable lessons for those of us living in the American culture.

Our first day was in Rome set the stage for six days in the Tuscany region of the country. Rome was important as a first stop in that the age of the country & culture was reinforced everywhere we looked. Our tour guide explained that one area we visited was a “new” section of Rome – meaning that the buildings were just 200 years old. It took me a while for that reality to sink in to my American brain. Most of what we saw was over 500 years old, and much of it in excellent shape.