selling your business

Business Owner: Thinking of Retiring

At some point every business owner needs to consider retiring. Selling a business built over a lifetime is scary. Most likely you want to keep the good reputation you’ve built, keep the name, and keep the employees that have stood by you. If you are in this situation, we would like to take a look at your business (confidentially, of course) and see if we can give you a good alternative. We can openly discuss what you want to accomplish. Hopefully we can structure a transaction that meets your needs. A call can be arranged either by filling out this form, or by emailing me at


Want to Buy a Company?

Many executives and entrepreneurs want to buy a company. But often the acquisition process seems too complicated. Finding an attractive company. Negotiating a purchase agreement. Finding funding. Hiring lawyers. Making sure purchase documents protect the buyer. Closing the transaction. It can be very complicated. That’s where we can help. Mr. Villwock has closed over $2.5 billion in transactions in his career, and now semi-retired, he is making his experience available to you. Getting an advisor when you get ready to sell a company almost always makes sense. It also makes sense on when you buy a company. Most entrepreneurs will only do 1 or 2 acquisitions in their lifetimes — why would anyone risk the potential liability that may come with an acquisition without professional help? Send Mr. Villwock an email or fill out the linked form detailing what you are trying to accomplish, and give a couple of times that would be good for a phone call. No obligation, just an introductory call.

5 Areas That May Need Restructuring

Does your company need to be restructured? Before you answer, “No!”, think about this.  What is Restructuring?  Yes, it can be a bankruptcy restructuring, both financially and operationally.  But truly ALL BUSINESSES at one point or another need restructuring, or if you prefer, process refinement. Think of a high growth company.  Now at $25 million in revenue, can they use the same business processes that they used as a $5 million company?  Or like the lab business we just finished, it was a $30 million company and now with reimbursement changes it is a $12 million company.  Can they run the business the same way at $12 million as they did at $30 million? Of course not. We suggest that there are at least 5 areas that management needs to consider restructuring. Revenue Cycle Management The process of completing an order, billing and then collecting the receivable will absolutely change over time.  Often different systems come together to produce a bill.  In the lab business, for instance, there is a lab information system that receives information from the lab equipment and transmits certain data to the billing company.  In a multi-location retailer or restaurant, the local store data is funneled …

Operating Plan to Turn Around Lab Company

Our latest assignment is to provide strategic consulting services to a lab company doing business nationwide.  The lab industry has changed drastically in recent years, resulting in substantially lower reimbursements and increased regulatory pressures. These industry circumstances has caused this lab company to shrink down to about a $12 million run rate, running at about breakeven on an EBITDA basis. The CEO retained us to examine his operations and financials.  Employees knew that I’d been retained to help the CEO and an am independent third-party advisor.  We have spent the last several weeks talking and drilling down to the fundamentals of the business with all business department heads, assisting in a potential acquisition and developing an operating plan to improve operations and profitability. This industry reminds me of the home health business back in 1998-2000.  Reimbursement changes from Medicare caused about 1/3 of all home health businesses to close.  The other 2/3rds held on but were badly damaged. Today the lab business is dominated by Lab Corp & Quest.  Most smaller  labs have closed, or been acquired, or are struggling to find significance within this huge industry. Mr. Villwock is working with this company’s CEO to become one of the …

Are You a Lonely CEO?

No, I’m not asking for a date.  But it’s a fact … being a CEO can be a very lonely place to be. Most CEO’s think it’s all up to them.  Live.  Die.  On their shoulders.  All on your shoulders. It doesn’t have to be that way. I partner with CEOs to help them see their company in a new light — to find growth avenues they haven’t considered — to be a sounding board for good ideas, and for bad — to help transform the financial operations — to create a professional financial and operational presentation which attracts banks and investors. Check out my video on how working with Medway Air Ambulance allowed that company’s value to go from $8 million to $21 million in just two years.  Founder/CEO sold 80% of the business and ended up with over 5x the after tax cash as he would have if had sold the business at the lower valuation. I’m looking to partner with the CEO.  If you would like to discuss your company, either email me at, or give me a call at (678) 540-1300×1.