CEO Advisory Services

Every successful CEO, from time to time, needs an objective third-party to listen, strategize and advise.   Mr. Villwock’s passion is to work with CEOs to help the company grow and achieve the dreams of the CEO.

His interest in working in this type of advisory relationship began after he assisted an air ambulance company to double in size in just two years and found a buyer that put over 5x the equity dollars into the CEO’s pocket.

A little background.

Jeff had met the air ambulance CEO years earlier.  He received a call from the CEO stating that a private equity firm was interested in buying the company for platform investment.  He asked for his help.

The purchase price for the business was fair, but ultimately Jeff advised the CEO NOT to sell, even though Jeff’s firm would have received a nice fee at closing.  The reason?  Jeff explained that he thought the CEO would be miserable running the company under the terms and conditions of the purchase & employment agreement.

Instead Jeff offered to advise the CEO and to help him double or triple the company in 2-3 years.

The CEO thought he was crazy.  After all the business had not grown in the past 5 years, oscillating between $10 million and $12 million in annual revenue.

But ultimately the CEO agreed and retained Jeff as a outsourced CFO with a mission to grow the business.

It would take some time to discuss how it was done, but the bottom line is that 26 months later, the business sold for $21 million with annual revenues of about $24 million and earnings that had also more than doubled.

After paying taxes, Jeff’s fees and other outstanding debts and obligations, the CEO owner walked away with more than 5x the amount he would have if he had sold the business two years earlier.

Now, that’s fun.

Since coming to Lake Lanier in 2016, Mr. Villwock has worked with many CEOs.  In one recent engagement, he went into a company where the CFO had resigned.  The business was in horrible shape and the CEO tasked Jeff to create a turn around plan.  Six weeks later the plan was done and the CEO is now implementing that plan.

The best way to contact Jeff is by email at  Let’s talk about the particular issues in your business.  If we can’t help, we can point you in the right direction.  And if we can help, then we can get on the journey together.