How to Raise Capital

We have just released our new 51 page e-book to help CEOs to understand exactly how to raise capital in today’s world.

The book chapter headings pretty much tell the story about what’s included:

  • The Process of Raising Capital
  • Create the Financial Plan
  • Create the Operating Plan
  • Determine the Amount of Capital Needed
  • Determine the Terms of the Capital
  • Determine Type of Offering
  • Write the PPM
  • Subscription Documents
  • Escrow Agent
  • Your Investing Audience
  • Create your Investor Presentation
  • Create your Marketing Plan
  • Execute & Close the Offering

This book is a gift from us — you can get it here.  We are also making available a complementary One-Hour Consulting session for CEOs who want to raise capital.

Why would I do this?

We offer consulting services to businesses like yours and I know that some percentage of the executives we help with our Special Report and One-Hour Consulting session will end up as our clients.

We want to be clear — We’re not trying to sell you anything.

On the contrary, we only work with clients who are qualified and ask us to help.  And if we help you, then you may want to be one of our clients.

But obviously we can’t consult every business owner that needs capital.  Also we don’t want to waste either your time or ours.

For me to know if we can help you and your business, we first need to gather some information.

So if you’d like to have a complementary One-Hour consultation, please click on this link and fill out our questionnaire.  You can receive the e-book by clicking on the link earlier in this email, or on the link provided on the questionnaire page.

We will let you know if we believe we can help … and please realize that our consulting is one-on-one — which means we can’t help everyone.  Let’s find out if we can help you.  Click on this link and fill out our questionnaire.  We will be back to you within 48 hours letting you know if we believe we can provide meaningful help to your company in raising the capital it needs.

DISCLOSURE:  We need to be clear that we are not offering to manage an offering of securities, or to sell securities.  We are offering a monthly fee-based consulting service that will work with you and your company to allow your company to take the steps necessary to raise capital.  We make no guarantee of the success of your company in raising capital.  We will not be introducing any investors, nor will we be working with any potential investors on your behalf.  We are simply offering one-on-one consulting services through Villwock Advisory Services LLC.   Jeff Villwock is CEO of a FINRA member broker/dealer, and this e-book, the questionnaire and any consulting is an outside business activity and is not in any way part of Lanier Securities LLC.