Ping Pong

Want to play Ping Pong?

Apparently the House and Senate do.

The Dems have figured out that they do NOT want a conference committee to reconcile the different version of the House & Senate healthcare reform bill.  To have a conference committee means that they might have to have Reps on the committee.  No way.

So instead the House apparently intends to bring the Senate bill to the floor and then offer amendments to the Senate bill.  We should assume that any amendment offered by Dems has been pre-blessed by the Senate.  Once the House has amended the Senate bill the bill is sent back to the Senate for passage.

It pings from the Senate to the House and pongs back to the Senate.

If the Dems plan everything right, the Senate will then pass the House bill without amendment and it can then be sent on to the President for his signature.

The President is meeting with Dem House & Senate leaders today to broker a final deal.  The possibility that this breaks down is small.  The deal will be done shortly.