super bowl interception

Super Bowl Interception – Poor Exit Planning

Ball on the 1 yard line.  A running back averaging over 4 yards / carry.  Less than a minute on the clock.

If you are a CEO/Owner, this situation describes YOU just before selling your company.  It is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

Do you take the high risk approach – pass for a surprise touchdown?

INTERCEPTED and the dream of selling at an optimal price is gone.

It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback – or coach.  But there is something here to be learned by every CEO, every Board Member and every Business Owner.  The lesson is this:  Even the most experienced leaders sometimes want to risk it all when it isn’t necessary.

At the 1 yard line, the running back has multiple chances at success.  Could he fumble?  Of course, but what is riskier?  Letting a ball fly through the air or having an experienced running back tuck it away and blast through the line?

For most players, if they ever get to the Super Bowl, it is a once in a lifetime event — just like for most CEO/Owners, getting into a position to monetize the company they have spent years and decades growing is often a once in a lifetime event.

We work with the CEO to get a business ready for that last drive.  That final series of plays to get into the end zone.  Give me a call and let’s talk.