In Costa Rica

The adventure has begun. Yesterday was the first day of our 7 day tour of Costa Rica.  We will spend the first 3 days in the Central Valley and then 4 days at the beaches in the southern portion of the country. We had a great first day of the tour.  Learned a lot — including that coming here in October as we had planned is a bad idea.  October is the month with the most rain, which was NOT the idea.  In the Central Valley that can mean days of rain.  Need to rethink timing!! In my video series on making a dream happen, one of the steps is to make an exploratory trip, which is what this is. None of us know what we don’t know — simple fact of life. I had done research, but missed that October got more rain in the Central Valley than any other month.  Yet after my research I though October was the start of the dry season — OOPS What now?  Adjust the plan based on this new knowledge. More tomorrow …..

Living Life to the Fullest

Far too often executives give up their lives as they are building a company, or climbing the corporate ladder. And for almost all of us who are successful, the reality is that there is a good amount time required in order to gain the success that we desire.  Whether success is measured in dollars, or title, or accomplishment, success takes time, vision, focus and a lot of hard work. But for each of us, a day comes when we truly have a choice – and my sense is that a lot of us are either blind to the choice we have, or choose not to choose. This choice is to form a new vision of our future, and to decide and take action to begin a transition to this new vision. In my career & life, I started making this transition two years ago.  In my case, the transition consists of two pieces:  1) to migrate my business towards assisting CEO’s in taking their companies to the next level and to assist in achieving a higher rate of growth and higher value for the business; and 2) begin a lifestyle transition that will allow me to spend half of the …