Caribbean Healthcare Project Expands

That last several weeks has brought us some great, new opportunities to help develop the healthcare system in the Caribbean. As those who read me regularly know, I’m a co-founder of a new medical school on St. Kitts and as part of our agreement with the government of St. Kitts and Nevis, we will be developing healthcare services in the Eastern Caribbean — starting on St. Kitts.  Our agreement with government to provide hemodialysis has been approved by the minister of health and is awaiting Cabinet approval. In the meantime we are working hard to develop a new outpatient surgical center and cardiac cath lab on the island.  DOCTORS — I’m looking for surgeons and cardiologists who would be interested in working part or full time on the beach.  No Medicare.  No managed care.  Just patients and healthcare – what a concept.  See the St Kitts Project tab and then click on the link for physicians. Four weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for Freedom Fest and met The Real Estate Guys.  My previous post has a link to the radio program we recorded.  They have a project on Ambergris Cay in Belize and need healthcare services for the …

The Real Estate Guys

Robert, Russ — Great to be on your show talking about St. Kitts and the opportunity to create a medical school and healthcare delivery system in the Caribbean. I look forward to being with you next month in Belize to check out the healthcare system there and to meeting you and your clients on St. Kitts in April 2011. The Real Estate Guys are sponsoring a cruise focused on real estate investing in April. Their last stop is in St. Kitts and we will meet the ship and personally escort his clients to see this great island nation. Check out The Real Estate Guys at My interview was broadcast on July 25th — click here to listen to the show. Thanks guys — we have a conference call in 30 minutes — look forward to speaking again. Jeff Check out the St. Kitts Project tab at the top of this page !!!!! You a doctor? At the bottom of the St. Kitts Project tab page is a link just for you, or you can Click Here.   Be part of what could become the most amazing adventure in the Caribbean.