Want to Buy a Company?

Many executives and entrepreneurs want to buy a company. But often the acquisition process seems too complicated. Finding an attractive company. Negotiating a purchase agreement. Finding funding. Hiring lawyers. Making sure purchase documents protect the buyer. Closing the transaction.

It can be very complicated. That’s where we can help. Mr. Villwock has closed over $2.5 billion in transactions in his career, and now semi-retired, he is making his experience available to you.

Getting an advisor when you get ready to sell a company almost always makes sense.

It also makes sense on when you buy a company. Most entrepreneurs will only do 1 or 2 acquisitions in their lifetimes — why would anyone risk the potential liability that may come with an acquisition without professional help?

Send Mr. Villwock an email or fill out the linked form detailing what you are trying to accomplish, and give a couple of times that would be good for a phone call. No obligation, just an introductory call.