“Wellness” in a Physician’s Practice — What does it look like?

I’ve become convinced that an ever growing % of the population is ready to pay for “wellness” as part of their medical care. Why? Over the past few years, deductibles & co-pays have skyrocketed. People are paying more out of pocket and getting the same or less healthcare. What if people could pay what they are now paying and get better healthcare? The baby boomers are healthier & more interested in integrative medicine than ever before. If a quality alternative existed, I believe they would be attracted.

So this is the question …

What do you think would need to be part of a Wellness Practice. Some docs are promoting Wellness, but don’t act as the patients PC physician. I’m inclined to combine the two so a single physician directs my care.

What’s included? Testing? Infusion? Vitamins? Hormone treatments? Nutrition?

I’d like to hear from you — if you were starting with a blank sheet of paper to design an integrative wellness program, what specifically would be included? How would you charge for services in such a way that insurance would pay as much as possible? What would the real world model look like?