What’s Next??

Life is interesting.  Who would have guessed that Massachusetts would have a Rep Senator?  To replace one of the nation’s most liberal Senators?  The Senator who drove healthcare reform?  How did the Republican win?  By trashing healthcare reform — Kennedy’s healthcare reform.


Pelosi said today that she doesn’t have the votes to pass the Senate version of the bill.

That leaves two possibilities if it is to get passed.

#1 – The House & Senate could decide on a slimmer bill using the Senate’s budget reconciliation procedures to pass the bill with 51 votes.

or #2 – The Dems and the Reps could get together and negotiate a slimmed down version of the bill that could garner Rep votes in the House & Senate.

Given the anamosity in Washington and the arrogance displayed by the Administration and Dems in Congress, I think a snowball in Haiti has more of a chance.

If that’s right, then it is budget reconciliation for the Senate — the “nuclear” option.  After losing the Mass. vote I’ve got to think that the Dems will be hard pressed to take such a political risk.

But then, who expected a Rep to win in Mass??